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Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls (Official Music Video)

*DJ Dre Jolly : I'm so in love with ?
Bruce Whaley : I love you prince and your songs, I just wished that you got along with Michael Joseph Jackson
Renatto Fabre : Diamonds and Pearls... El singular CD que a inicios de los noventa encantó luego de ver a un Prince recuperarse del éxito anterior de Batdance en 1989. Esta canción evocadora dejó mucho que recordar en la retina de una creciente fanaticada que por esos días disfrutaba por igual este monumental disco a la par que el Dangerous de Michael Jackson. Saludos desde Ecuador a la gente del Símbolo, de Prince, del gigante de Minessota, del héroe de los brazos de Orion!!!
cdb broadfield : Talented guy
Eunicep Brown : Prince is a amazing singer ?
Magi Dal : R.i.p. Jenny
Debra Salinas : I think this is my FAVORITE ALL TIME SONG THAT LOW TONE (RUN AWAY)
Lisa lisa : God this man is so handsome I'm telling you. I wish I knew the secret to his eyeliner. Also wish I had his hairdresser.
Andrea Glover : When music made sense. Prince was a talented genius. May his legacy and music forever be remembered. R.I.P. ?❤
Andrew K Hun K R S C EARTH : God likes this music song also.

Mực máy photo Canon IR 2535/ 2545 (NPG 50)

Mực máy photo Canon IR 2535/ 2545 (NPG 50)
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Mực máy photo Canon IR 2535
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- Mã Mực Canon IR 2535 NPG 50

- Loại mực : Photo đen trắng.

- Số bản in : 15.000 trang in.


- Photocopy Canon IR 2535

- Photocopy Canon IR 2545

- Xuất xứ : Trung Quốc

- Thương hiệu : AT VIỆT NAM

- Chất Lượng : Hàng mới 100% Nguyên đai,nguyên kiện.
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