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The Many Standards of Flat Washers | Military, NAS, AN, SAE, USS | Fasteners 101

Flat Washers are the most basic of fastener washer available, but there's a lot more to them than just being round metal disks with holes punched in them!

Flat Washers come in several different sizing standards, each established by different groups for different purposes. In this video, we give a brief overview of 5 of the most common flat washer standards: Military, NAS, AN, USS, and SAE.
You can find Military, NAS, and AN spec flat washers below, complete with their strict specification tables.

Military Standard Washers (800 Series):

National Aerospace Standard (NAS) Washers:

Airforce \u0026 Navy (AN) Standard Washers (900 Series):
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USS vs SAE Flat Washers - Difference in Standards | Fasteners 101

USS and SAE Standards are used when measuring various kinds fasteners; typically washers. In this video, our fastener specialist shows the differences between USS standard and SAE standard flat washers.

Looking for some washers? Check out our selection below:

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Seth Kaplan : don't ever lose this channel or these videos.
Rasika Shevde : Hey thanx for the Video i am starting small unit manufacturing of washer in India and i was really confused between USS ans SAE standards. It helped me to actually know the difference thanx again for the video.
Nicolas Silva : This video helped me a lot in a project. Rlly thank you :D

Common Types of Lock Washers | Fasteners 101

Lock washers are used to prevent nuts, bolts, and screws from vibrating loose, and there are many kinds of lock washers out there. In this video, we discuss the most common types of lock washers in the fastener world.

Covered in this video are split ring lock washers (medium and high collar styles), external tooth lock washers, and internal tooth lock washers.

You can find all of our available lock washers available here:\u0026Sort_By=disp_order\u0026f_product_type=Lock%20Washers

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Mark : Seems like someone forced them to post a video.
Luis Maryland : I can feel the "passion" of the instructor... A Lot of videos with great products and they fail he instructor. Come on boys...
anoname : thank you :)
conundrumknight : Good stuff! This was very helpful. Got a desk that came with split washer but no instruction on how and where it goes. Extremely thankful that you created this video! Subscribing and following!
El Verdeman : I like the first example. It helped to know how to use the pressure washer. Sometimes I don't even know if it goes with a flat washer or doesn't. Anyway I was looking forward to know how to use the internal star washer since I have never used them before and the video ended.
narcoosseefl : This would have been more useful if example of the applications were provided.




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