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E. Bozza "En Foret" Op. 40 for Horn and Piano

Young Kim, horn
Hsiao-Ling Lin, piano

Produced by Owen Zhou (www.opuszero.net)
Recorded at the Recital Hall in King Center (Denver, CO)
Kuo-Hua Chen : wonderful playing musically! what equipments, horn and mouthpiece, do you use?
William VerMeulen : Nice, Young. Wish I could have informed you of the misprint B natural near the end before recording. Very impressive playing, though.

En Foret By Eugene Bozza

En Foret By Eugene Bozza
Bob Kenehan : I didn’t see David Allen Cooper’s name other than comments. Why not in the post?
ザリガニの野望 : beautiful
John Delorme : Why is this guy so good!!!!!
Chicxulub65MM : Name is Cooper, David Cooper.
klingelhorn : Printed metronome markings for the first section and then final section of this piece are too fast. Anyone attempting to play these tempos or faster runs the risk of it sounding muddy. This performer's video of "Sur Les Cimes" by Bozza is much better.
Junior Horn : Very good
Tiago Nogueira : So nice!! For me is my favourite version of En Foret.David Cooper have so so nice sound and bouches completly controled.Epic En Foret
Wilfried Berk : David Cooper, french horn - Cary Chow, piano
김수현 : His technic is really nice.
Taylor Crockett : David Cooper is goals

Eugène Bozza - "En fôret" for horn & piano · Radek Baborák · Yoko Kikuchi

Radek Baborák - horn,\r
Yoko Kikuchi - piano\r
Eugène Bozza - En fôret for horn \u0026 piano, Op.40\r
David Cottrell : NICE!
Adam Stillwagon : What can one say but bravo!
David Holloway : 1:54 Even gods bleed lol
Aihpos : Love the quadruple toungings. It sounds so simultaneously fun and hellish at the same time to play

Oh wait wth those lip trills!?
Heady Thomas : Love Baborak's playing usually but this just sounds like he's playing as fast as possible and Lacks ALL NUANCE inherent in the piece. I can Hardly listen to this...
あおりんYHR567D : 惚れた
Karl Zawila : Such a difficult piece yet such a beautiful performance! Bravo!
Mark Narins : Great piece!
Camilo Ignacio Leal Molina : de hecho es 1.56. en la replica tapado suena parfecto el la, pero en minuto 1.56 suena algo raro.

Camilo Ignacio Leal Molina : despues del 5 de ensayo, en una parte que hay unos tapados, hay un motivo con tresillos, que tiene eco en tapado. y despues vva a un tresillo que debiera ser un LA, pero suena como un La b, luego en la replica tapado suena el La que debiera sonar.Al menos en la copia que tengo yop.


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