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Guy Laroche | Fall Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Guy Laroche | Fall Winter 2019/2020 by Richard René | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

Evelyn Glennie - Leave Taking
Matt Hill - Forbidden Fruit
Simon Porter - Crack Nutter
혜진송 : 뷰티플~~~
Julia Sheli : 2:09 2:17 3:13 5:16 6:33*゚゚*・。。゚♡
Halil Cakir :
ad da : Ces pauvres filles ne savent pas marcher!
Victor Cruz : Muy elegante y en mi color favorito
Misia Tan : Sleek stylish
jimins thighs :
E Wat : Perfect.
US Tiger : Terrible music

Guy Laroche | Spring Summer 2020 | Full Show

Guy Laroche | Spring Summer 2020 by Richard René | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - PFW/Paris Fashion Week) #FFLikedalot
Kef Bana : To be fair and honest, I used to run away from brown coloured clothes as a woman of colour but after this show, there is hope if it the brown is combined with navy blue and white. Wow. I am mind blown. Very clean, effortless sexy. I love it.
Kef Bana : 6:03 ?
Susan Jenssen : Oh my goodness, there are just some places in some directions that that highly styled graphic GL logo should not go on the human body! 3:25 ish for example. I do agree there were some beautiful moments here, both of the clothing and how the human body was framed. But nudity is not new, nor does it always convey anything relevant. I am underwhelmed. Brown suede jacket, winter white silk, some kind of jump suit. I can get all three, maybe even high boots, at the charity shop, probably all four for under twenty dollars, total. Lovely piano work.
Pheurbel VLS : Female models yes, male models No!
Net-Nanny : I wud nevah ask a model to wear heels her ankels can hardly support
covid covid 19 : İğrenç
Artdesignfashion : Boringggggggggggg
Marie Fuentes : Love this and that JUMPSUIT at 4.47
mars laredo : Beautiful collection. I loved it all. ❤❤❤❤

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Who and what is Guy Laroche? Guy Laroche was a French fashion designer and founder of the eponymous company. Laroche was born in La Rochelle, and began his career in millinery. From 1949, Laroche worked for Jean Dessès, eventually becoming his assistant. In 1955, he visited the U.S. to investigate new ready-to-wear manufacturing methods. Source:

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